MIS Development

We provide complete business solutions meeting the business requirements of our clients. CodeZone specializes in MIS development, implementation, and providing quality support services to its clients. Our MIS development service start from installation to development and continuous to maintenance of Management Information systems.

This service will ensure the maximization of client’s business process solutions, guarantee they are uninterrupted and ensure the implementation of innovative solutions responsive to ever changing business challenges.

Desktop Application Development

At CodeZone, we develop the smartest and latest applications that fit into client’s unique business requirements to boost up Client Company’s growth. No matter how complex the applications are, our technical expertise enables us to develop them with the same skill and easiness. CodeZone provides leading-edge software services to rapidly transform Client Company’s ideas and concepts into new products and applications. CodeZone has extensive experience in the development of desktop, Client-server, and Web-based applications for enterprise solutions.

CodeZone offers a cost-effective way for client’s company to leverage additional resources for both product and application development, thereby enhancing the abilities of Client Company’s software and technical staff.

Mobile Application Development

CodeZone offers mobile application development targeting the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. We have a quick and iterative approach to build elegant solutions that meet our clients’ goals. Our most satisfied and successful clients come to us with innovative ideas that require a best strategy, design and development. They value close involvement and rely on us to help them navigate the mobile application marketplace.

Our knowledgeable, expert software programmers and consultants can assist our clients in getting an edge over competitors through their up-to-date knowledge of latest tools and technologies. Our team’s sound know-how about latest smart devices and features enable us to model solutions across mobile platforms.

Web Application Development

We build unique and exceptional web applications. We believe in creative and intelligent design, common sense solutions and have a vested interest in client’s success.

Accurate - We deliver a robust application that works appropriately in the very first time.
Intelligent & Adaptive - application will learn from customer behavior and adapt.
Scalable - If the load increases, application will adjust. We employ cloud architecture to scale up based on usage and trim down during off hours.
Usable - We focus highly on making the web applications intuitive to use for end users. Creative - Our web designs are catchy and attractive. We understand that customers value the front interface of the website. Our designers strive to make it eye pleasing and engaging.
Responsive - We make web applications compatible with mobile devices.
Content Strategy - We make sure that the content on web application communicates easily with users.